Big Questions To Find Answers To

This is my dream list of questions that I hope that science and engineering can one day find the answers to.

The Big Questions

  1. What is consciousness and how does it arise in brains?

  2. How does matter give rise to life?

  3. How can we reverse aging in humans and prevent death through disease and natural causes?

  4. Do we have free will based on neuroscience and neurobiology and if so, how does it work?

  5. Does extra terrestrial life exist and what does it look like?

  6. Can silicon replace carbon to create artifical life?

  7. Can we unite quantum mechanics and general relativity to form a theory of quantum gravity? Is that even the right direction to think about?

  8. Is spacetime discrete or continuous? Or is that even a wrong question to ask in the first place?

  9. What is dark matter if it exists?

  10. Can we determinstically predict all phenotypical outputs in the human body based on analyzing and indiviual’s genome?

  11. What does the edge of the universe look like if anything at all?

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