Voice-only Social Networking App Idea


End-to-end voice based social networking platform across Smart Speakers, Mobile phones, Wearable devices and Web.

My friend Josh Gao and I brainstormed this out a year before Clubhouse popped off. A good lesson learnt was that ideas are valuable but that value is captured only with execution.

Problem Statement

I cannot stay connected to a social network simultaneously while I am physically doing other things— walking, jogging, working out, performing physical labour, driving, etc. without interacting with my device’s screen and keyboard.

Product as Solution

VChat enables me to access a content feed, directly message people (audio clips/text), call over the web, and share media, only using my voice, without touching the screen or keyboard even once.


  1. Voice optimized news feed—consume content and control what you consume without touching your phone at all

    • Posts by other users
    • Voice snippets ( short form tweet content)
    • Podcasts/Long*form audio content
    • Content creators— influencers, promotional material etc.
  2. Voice optimized DMs — User can “voice text” to other users without touching the phone at all

    • P2P dms* text style calls
    • P2Group dms* group chat style
    • P2P normal audio calls
    • P2Group audio calls
  3. Editing whatever voice-clip you post or your live voice in a call

    • ‘Functional editing’— speed, clarity, removing pauses, cropping etc.
    • ‘Cosmetic Editing’ — voice filtering, pitch modulation, playful effects, etc.
  4. Phone app on steroids

    • Real time recording of conversation, and possibly broadcasting
    • Live filtering for phrases, swear-words etc.
    • Store transcribed notes from the call intelligently